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A podcast covering the news, matches and results for the Overwatch League. Join Andres, Mel and BlazzinBob as they guide you through the League with summaries, analysis and interviews!

Apr 2, 2019

This week @MelOverwatch@Blazzin_Bob and @IplaiGames are joined by our very own post match corespondent @BrickMcVictory! We cover the latest news, weigh in with our thoughts on Dafran's retirement and give our stage 2 power rankings for all the Overwatch League teams. 


Team News: 


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Power Rankings

You'll have to listen to find those out!

Listener Questions: 

  • WoodTierGuruLast Friday at 9:42 AM

What needs to happen for LA Valiant to succeed in stage 2? They've gone from a 3rd place finish in season 1 to 0-7 in season 2. They made head coach changes recently, will this help? Is it the meta? Is it a lack of talent or teamwork? What do you think the problem is? 

  • Shazear#1845 [PC/NA/2100ish]Today at 1:05 PM

For the Korean players, I know they have some degree of mandatory civil service.  How does that affect their plans when it comes to being a pro-athlete? 



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