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A podcast covering the news, matches and results for the Overwatch League. Join Andres, Juston and Bob as they guide you through the League with summaries, analysis and interviews!

Apr 17, 2018

With a crazy week of not only news but also results, we are starting to see new faces move up the leaderboards! LA Valiant continues to dominate with an undefeated record, closely followed by (and against all odds) Boston Uprising! NYXL suffers their third loss of the tournament, and the Gladiators are looking to be a...

Apr 10, 2018

OWL Analyst Sideshow joins the crew this week to discuss everything that has been happening around the league this Stage. We get to know the man behind the desk, discuss the new unexpected changes to Boston Uprising, and how stage 2 is developing so far. Don't miss this insightful episode with Sideshow!

Apr 3, 2018

The stage 2 break is almost over, and stage 3 is almost upon us! The Rosters continue to shake up as we approach the new stage, with a lot of teams ready to take on the competition head-on. Will stage 3 see the rice of new stars? Or will NYXL continue to dominate? Catch up with the gang and get ready to watch some...

Mar 27, 2018

Stage 2 finals have concluded, crowning NYXL with the title, but not without a fight from the Fusion! In this episode, Bob and Andres hold down the fort while Mel is out of town, and dig in into the exciting stage 2 final! The league continues to unravel as we head into stage 3, stay up to date with us!

Mar 20, 2018

A huge re-shuffling of ranks has happened! Mayhem and the Gladiators are suddenly on the rise, while Uprising and Outlaws seem to lag behind. Tune in to talk all about the new turn of events, and listen to our new community questions segment!